Research on intuition in dating

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While I hopelessly wish we had the powers of transmutation and telekinesis, like the witches of "American Horror Story: Coven,” our powers are a lot more subtle; many have even downgraded it to more of a “sixth sense.” However you label it, it’s something very powerful.

What else can explain the way we feel and how we interpret things men just can’t seem to understand?

Human beings are so complex – and so amazing – that on a deep level, we know what is good for us and what isn’t likely to bring us happiness or goodness.

All we need to do is really listen to this internal guide – who is always with us. One voice says “This isn’t right,” but an even louder one, rooted in insecurity, tells us, “You better get married now or it will never happen.” I think taking the time to stop and just observe how we are feeling around someone should give us some clues when it comes to dating prospects.

I recently conducted some research to see if this raw feeling I had about the power of a woman’s intuition was just deluded thinking or it had real basis.

According to an article in Psychology Today, there’s research concluding that a woman's intuition is more fact than foolery.

I’ve been thinking about the differences between men and women, the way we interpret the world and our feelings.

I’ve been thinking a lot about femininity and sexuality, dating and sex.

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I may be just a delusional optimist, but after my 23 years of observation, I think women have special powers.

They also suggested that it’s a product of evolutionary effects, where the women who had better ability to understand the needs of their children and potential spouses outproduced the women with the weaker senses.

These abilities to read nonverbal cues lead to the feelings of betrayal, remorse and suspicion that many times arise in relationships for “no real reason.”It’s the reason you get that horrible feeling when he doesn’t text you back for three hours and you know, deep in your gut, that it’s not because he forgot his phone.

It’s the answer you wish you could get from the wind and the warning you wish someone could give you.

It’s that spiritual connection you can’t get anywhere else, and it's the deepest connection you have with your innermost self.

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