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In the late 9th century, however, it reverted to local rule of Turkic governors, and eventually incorporated for a short period into the Samanid Empire.

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Khujand Airport has regularly scheduled flights to Dushanbe as well as several international destinations (mainly in Russia).

The city was renamed Leninabad on 10 January 1936 and it remained part of the Soviet Union until 1991.

With the independence of Tajikistan, Khujand became the second largest city in the nation.

In 1918 when Turkestan ASSR was dismantled, the city became a part of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1929 in order to gain a sufficient number of inhabitants for the newly created Soviet Republic of Tajikistan (Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic) the city of Khujand, inhabited mainly by ethnic Uzbeks, was transferred by Soviet Communists from Uzbek SSR to the Tajik SSR.

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