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But Jadis refuses and decides to lock Rick up instead, proving once again that she and her group are quite literally garbage people.

The question is, given that she's betrayed him once before, what exactly was Rick expecting?

In the source material, he comes from Oceanside - though the TV series has established that all of Oceanside's men were slaughtered by the Saviours, so it's unclear if that still holds true here.*Comic book spoilers follow* Siddiq goes on to become a valuable ally to Rick and also Rosita's bit on the side.Last week, Rick and Daryl asserted that there "ain't no Kingdom no more" - and scenes in 'The King, the Widow, and Rick' certainly seem to suggest that it's now just Carol, Ezekiel, Jerry and young Henry left standing.But later - in the episode's best and most poignant scene - Carol finds a broken Ezekiel slumped at the foot of his throne, grasping the late Shiva's chain, and tells him that his people need "The King" to lead them."You have to help them grieve, to move own, to end this," Carol says.Carl succesfully tracks the man - confirmed as Siddiq - to the woods.He appears to be a good man - having killed only one wounded human, to stop them joining the ranks of the undead, and having dispatched 237 walkers, in the belief that it might "free their souls".

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