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The explosion is believed to have happened between 100 and 1,000 metres under the water and sent the submarine plummeting to more than 3,000 metres, according to officials who spoke to relatives.

He got off with just seconds to spare.'Now back at his home in Mar del Plata, when news of the missing submarine started to emerge Ms Alvares travelled from her home in Villa Angela, in the north of Argentina, to be with his son, who she says is 'in shock'.Whilst recent terrestrial and marine empirical insights have improved understanding of the chronology, pattern and rates of retreat of this vast ice sheet, a concerted attempt to model the deglaciation of the EISC honouring these new constraints is conspicuously lacking.Here, we apply a first-order, thermomechanical ice sheet model, validated against a diverse suite of empirical data, to investigate the retreat of the EISC after 23 ka BP, directly extending the work of Patton et al.Adrian, who has been in the navy for eight years, embarked with his 44 other colleagues on the submarine in the port of Ushuaia in the southern tip of South America.Although he had made a formal request to his superiors for leave in order to complete paperwork for his imminent house purchase, Adrian had not heard back and assumed he would have to complete the mission, according to his mother Sandra Alvares.

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