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Here is the Love Compatibility between a Libra Man and a Sagittarius Woman. A Libra man and a Sagittarian woman make a perfect couple as they discern and respect each other’s efforts in their relationship.

When these air and fire signs are combined, a positive air boosts up the atmosphere.

She’ll fall in love with his exuberance and he’ll adore her ability to keep up with his far reaching ideals.

The Libra woman is and Sagittarius man are by nature expansive and hopeful people.

There is never a void of affection and love between the two as the Libran man is always hypnotised by her intoxicating smile and straight forward attitude.

The Libran man takes the upper hand in the relationship.

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Due to the extrovert behaviour of the Sagittarian woman, she may sometimes hurt her emotionally tender and vulnerable Libran man.

The relationship should run smoothly if both the partners give their full dedication towards it.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is very seductive and classy.

Sagittarius provides substance and intensity to Libra.

The attraction leads to sex, love and may conclude with marriage.

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