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They have hired a new employee, the very strange Michiksua. First of all, he uses this little doll he uses to "council" Rion.Second, he has a penchant for crossdressing, especially the Delmo uniforms.

Episode 50 “Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme” Robotnik heads to ancient Mob Egypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born. Robotnik hechman, Scratch, disguises as a egyptian woman.

With only minutes to live, Hayate took a desperate gamble and transferred his soul into the body of his sister, Shiori.

Now, Shiori is wandering the streets of Tokyo, under the alias Yukiko.

Episode 13 (OAV): The seven main characters enter a "Pink Night" where their powers have a perverted twist: Kakeru can see through everyone's clothes, Yuka changes the boys, Takeru and Takahisa, into girls, Misuzu's swords are turned into vibrators, Kukuri can speak but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes sexually excited upon taking off her glasses, and Takahisa sprinkles a small fountain of water.

Macaron, the little brother of Daigorou, is a crossdresser.

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