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The ways in which this storyline progresses is super fun to watch; it takes on an altogether unexpected turn in episode six, and is then dealt with some awesome ferocity in the last two episodes.

Before all of that happens though, in an effort to try and explain his visions (which he isn’t able to properly articulate), Joyce asks Will to draw these recent visions.

An emotional-but-excited Will starts drawing very similar looking strokes on dozens of papers, as Joyce, Hopper, and Mike look on, confused.

Thankfully, Joyce realises there’s a pattern to it, and Hopper notices that Will’s maze-like strokes look like vines.

Never leave the curtains open, especially during daytime. There will be a secret knock that he’ll use to enter the cabin, and Eleven should open the door only in response to that knock. She should never, ever get out of the cabin by herself.

Mike is also the only one who seems to be treating Will normally — like another teenager who went through a lot of trauma a year before and is naturally still affected by it; and not like his mom, brother, Dustin, and Lucas do — as a child who’s incapable of doing anything by himself.

We see the boys going on their own paths in , as each one of them has a distinctly personal storyline that obviously loops back in with the broader story.

Nancy/Jonathan/Steve: The anniversary of last year’s events is also making Nancy Wheeler (Mike’s older sister and Barb’s bestie) remorseful — about how she and bad-boy-turned-totally-good Steve “let Barb die.” Barb’s parents believe she’s still alive, and as if keeping the truth from them isn’t enough to compound Nancy’s guilt about Barb, they’re also planning to sell their house to pay the fees of an investigator they’ve hired to look for her.

The answers: by using her powers, and Sheriff Hopper.

We’d seen Hopper leave Eggos in the woods for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) assuming she was alive, and that was how it really did go down as well.

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