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It’s the typical old-school approach – learning grammar rules, word lists and then stick words together and form sentences. Here’s what’s going to happen if you stick separate words together: – if you learn English phrases, expressions and sayings, you’ll be able to use them 10 times more efficiently than word lists!

Once you’ve memorized a phrase, you’re capable or using it WITHOUT MUCH THINKING AND PLANNING whereas sticking words together will always involve a certain amount of effort and your speech is going to be hesitant and slow.

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So here’s a random selection of 10 English words: Fair enough, but did you know that this is the biggest pitfall so many of us, foreigners, fall for?

You see – the problem is that we may know large lists of individual words, yet we struggle to USE them as part of a simple conversation!

To see what exactly I’m talking about, please look at the following English phrases: now.

Those five phrases I gave you a few paragraphs above are way more useful than the list of individual words.

You can learn phrases and use them in relevant situations just like native English speakers would, but if you learn separate words, your means of expression are rather limited.

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