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About a week ago, news broke that Bobby Flay—aka hamburgler fuccboi, aka “this sandwich won’t bite, I promise” guy, aka wait, is he going to cook this kitty cat?—may or may not be dating star of such Certified Fresh movies as the one, the only, the Scarlett Johansson. ) So I asked myself a very simple question I’ve asked myself for very different purposes almost every morning since November: How did we get here?-2012 to 2016 finds Scarlett with two good-looking successful guys (Naylor and Dauriac) who are nonetheless not a part of the Hollywood elite.After dating actors for so long, this is a reasonable departure.Scarlett Johansson is 32-years-old, and arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And more specifically: If they are indeed dating—which, who knows—how did Scar Jo get here?

Scarlett just does what she wants.” For now, sources say that Colin is in the catbird seat, adding it’s a big deal that the star has already met his family, and he’s met her friends.

This will help us get a clearer picture of what’s going on here. guitarist, Bleachers guy and otherwise big time music producer Jack Antonoff for two years in high school, at the Professional Children’s School (here is a picture of the valedictorian).

2004AScarlett Johansson was romantically linked to 31-year-old Jude Law, then 12 years her senior. 2005She has a fling with notorious lady’s man Jared Leto, thus beginning her age-appropriate dudes phase.

But these attempts to involve her civilian husband in her movie-star life could not save the marriage, however.

“She went into her marriages optimistically,” said one Hollywood agent who knows Scarlett.

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