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The Ram has a roving eye and, for you, betrayal is serious.Together, you're formidable, a combination that can conquer the world if you can negotiate your private pact. It'll be love at first sight or the opposite, for you won't be indifferent to the earthy Bull.Their sexual union will be almost religious in nature, producing ecstasy and profound communion.When It’s Over: This relationship lasts forever, whether there is a necessity to break it off externally or not. Allow a little leeway, for you're dealing with a naive creature.No one is more ardent and honest than the Ram; these are qualities you admire, but patience helps you to appreciate them fully.It is sometimes hard for someone who is not a Scorpio to understand a Scorpio, and it is a relief to not have that barrier in this relationship.The magnetism of the couple has been superbly personified on the Bollywood screen by the electrifying combination in hit after hit of Ashwarya Rai and Shahrukh Khan.

In appearance you will be found to be well proportioned, strong in body, muscular, with a broad face and majestic, commanding look.This iciness is only the surface of your deep and complex nature.Below this surface of your cool exterior, you're true scorching nature blazes!You are a Scorpio and therefore ruled by the enigmatic planet Pluto and also fiery and aggressive Mars.Scorpio is probably the most misunderstood sign and has unfortunately received a very bad reputation over the years.

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