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They'd been married three years and she still couldn't help herself.)"Where's Andrew?""He's valeting the car." She bounced in her seat nervously, the energy practically bubbling out of her."I have someone who was looking for you two."Kaitlyn watched awestruck as the nurse picked up the tiny bundle (it couldn't have been any bigger than her forearm) and placed it into Tessa's arm. She'd almost burst into tears had it not been for the fact that she was trying to focus on making sure she had a firm grip on the infant. She even had a tiny tuft of reddish brown hair that reminded her of some of the photos she saw of the youngest Virtue.If she thought both of them were in love before, she felt almost choked by it now. "She looks just like her beautiful mom.""She's literally your carbon copy." Tessa sighed dramatically.

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A stout nurse appeared, rolling a small plastic bassinets in front of her. Kait, meet Amelia Grace Moir."The soft little bundle was placed into her arms, careful to mind the head. Amelia was definitely a Moir with a small Scott like nose and small Scott ears (it was funny how she really was a doll version of her father.) But Kaitlyn could see Tessa in the eyes (they both claimed at the moment she had blue eyes like most babies but they would certainly turn the rich brown Tessa had) and cheeks."Kaitlyn I think someone would like to meet you." Scott caressed the newborn's cheek, completely enamored. "All her father, straight down to the loudness and eating habits." "Oh great another Moir in the world? ""You two didn't have to get us anything you know." It seemed as if the they had finished their argument, smirking at the two as they watched their interaction." Andrew's deep voice startled Kaitlyn from her thoughts. "This is special." Amelia gave a little cry as Kaitlyn unwillingly handed her to Scott. Tessa is a 20 year old single skater and Scott is a 22 year old ice dancer whose partner just got hurt.Scott's partner decides to retire after her injury but Scott decides to look for a new partner in hopes of going to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, he's about to give up his search when Tessa shows up for a tryout and sparks fly. If any of you have recommendations of any good multi-chapter Alternate Universe OR any regular multi-chapter fics I should read please write the name of the author and the name of the fic in the comments or shoot me a message :)Hey everyone I'm looking for a story I read awhile back and can't seem to find anymore.

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