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Arya’s reunions included references that reflect how far she’s come since the beginning of the series, a character was recast, and one one exchange in the Citadel library might have proven a huge fan theory.

Here are all the Easter eggs and references you may have missed in the latest episode: Arya finally had her long-awaited reunion with her direwolf this week (one of our predictions turned out correct! The young Stark and her direwolf shared a tender moment, but once Arya pleaded with her grown friend to return to Winterfell with her, Nymeria turned away.

“That’s not you,” Arya whispered with a small smile breaking across her face (in, by the way, what was an overall wonderful performance by Maisie Williams).

Why was she smiling as her direwolf left her in the snow?

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After telling Arya she’ll grow up to marry a high lord and become a respectable, though passive lady, she defiantly tells him, “No.

Stroma’s (now cancelled) ABC series ‘ Tom Hopper, but his introduction came with a little meta nod at the recast.

When Jaime approaches daddy Tarly, he greets Hooper’s Dickon with the wrong name, dismissively calling him Rickard.

– Daenerys said Jon Snow’s name for the first time, which was all sorts of exciting, two Sand Snakes met a nasty end, Arya had multiple reunions, Missandei discovered the wonders of oral sex, and Sam began to cure Jorah.

A whole bunch of other juicy developments happened, which you can read more about in our episode review, but “Stormborn” was also full of subtle callbacks to earlier seasons.

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