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Although the wines are always north of 14 percent alcohol, the wear it well, with balance and poise.The primary fermentation occurs with native yeasts.Although they were partly related to the nobility, the maharlikas were technically less free than the timawas because they could not leave a datu’s service without first hosting a large public feast and paying the datu between 6 and 18 pesos in gold – a large sum in those days.

(The balance of the blend consists of the aforementioned petite sirah and mataro, although they are not always in the final wine.) This stands in contras to the Ridge Lytton Springs, which tends to be darker and slightly more tannic and broad-shouldered thanks in part to about twenty percent petite sirah.

Use of the term "Filipino" in the Philippines started during the Spanish colonial period.

The ancient races became homogenized into the Malayo-Polynesians which colonized the majority of the Philippine, Malaysian and Indonesian archipelagos.

Gray at the University of California, Los Angeles published in the journal Science, suggests that the population expansion of Austronesian peoples was triggered by rising sea levels of the Sunda shelf at the end of the last ice age.

The modern Filipino identity, with its Austronesian roots, was developed in conjunction with Spanish, Chinese and American influences.

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