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They have the rings, as their fans often mention, so they get fans. 11 jersey is the seventh-best seller in the country, besting that of Pittsburgh wideout Antonio Brown, who’s named on the nation’s 10th most popular jersey.

“I see a lot of Steelers and Dallas and Eagles fans. They’re America’s team, I guess.” Dallas is the third most popular team in Lancaster County, according to Twitter. “In this area, at least, Penn State tops both, I feel,” Morgal said. For football, I would say the ‘DMZ line’ is eastern Lancaster County or Reading.” Until we meet in the Super Bowl, Eagles fans living among the gold and black will hear about the rings.The walls of Steagles appears evenly split, half in gold and black, the other in Eagles gear, including a Charlie Garner jersey and one with the name “Big Jim” emblazoned on the back.The bartender, Nick Ferino, is a North Jersey native and had a passing resemblance to former Giants tight end Mark Bavaro.Surprisingly, Mc Donald's has said it will not move to stop what is expected to be a warts-and-all depiction of Kroc, a high school dropout from Chicago who became a brash and utterly ruthless milkshake salesman.First: The was the drive-in which started the Mc Donald brothers' success.

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