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Sarah Tetley, 26, from Melton Mowbray, awoke to her husband Charlie Tetley, now 34, molesting her.

" A report commissioned by the Government last year raised concern over the “unnecessary use” of antimicrobials in agriculture.

The NHS says homeopathy, which uses highly diluted substances to cause the body to heal itself in the belief that “like cures like”, is based on “scientifically implausible” principles and performs no better than placebos.

But at least two NHS hospitals provide homeopathic treatments, as do many GP surgeries and private practices.

“In terms of animal welfare and food production, though excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics is undoubtedly a problem in many areas,” the report said.

“Some last-resort antibiotics for humans are being used extensively in animals, with no replacements as of yet on the way.” The overuse of antibiotics around the world is believed to be accelerating the mutation and spread of resistant bacteria, severely reducing the effectiveness of the drugs that transformed medicine when discovered nearly 90 years ago.

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