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By October, Hermiston grew by 3.71 percent, almost double the number Portland State University study predicted and significantly more than the state average of 0.97 percent.

For more information on the district projected growth and the PSU population study, visit the HSD web site and the Facilities Planning reports.

“If we continue at this pace, we will need a total of 81 portable classrooms in the next eight years, where over 1600 students will be housed.

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The local Kiwanis Club has been a long time community partner and supporter of the program.

Relocation of Outdoor School: Hermiston School District’s Outdoor School Program will move to Camp Meadowood Springs this year, which is in the Blue Mountains just outside of Weston, Ore.

In previous years, HSD partnered with neighboring districts and Intermountain Education Service District to hold ODS at Kiwanis Cabins, up the north fork of the John Day River.

For the complete calendar, visit the Calendar page of this web site.

5th graders Landon Bailey and John Putnam finished the "Stanfield Strong" Marathon 26.2 Challenge.

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