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Mazatlán gets only 32 inches (800 mm), with rainfall seen on just 46 days.But PV’s increased rainfall is what makes the area so green and lush, so I see this as a benefit.To me, the weather between the two cities is a wash, in a practical way.If you’re here (in either city) in the summer, you’ll want air conditioning…There’s no construction on the beach, making it 100% accessible from the boardwalk. At five miles (8 km), Mazatlán’s boardwalk ( Restaurants, cafés, and nightlife: Puerto Vallarta takes this one easily.Even though Mazatlán is almost twice the size of Puerto Vallarta, PV has far more restaurants and cafés of the type an expat or visitor would seek out. With the Angela Peralta Theater, a symphony orchestra, chamber music groups, the Sunday concert series, and Friday Art Walk, Mazatlán offers plenty of cultural activity.I got my resident’s visa at a consulate in about 20 minutes without translations, background checks, or document certifications.

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Ocean views and scenery: This category goes handily to Puerto Vallarta.Finally, the cost of living is very low right now in both places, thanks to a U. And the Canadian dollar is also at record highs against the Mexican peso.And, of course, both cities benefit from Mexico’s super-easy residency.In Mazatlán, the only way to get views like this is to have a place on the ocean or on one of two very small and crowded coastal hills.Also, the hills around Puerto Vallarta (and heading south) are thick, green, and lush, while the area surrounding Mazatlán is dry and brown during much of the winter high season.

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