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More About The Letters Despite the fact that no-one was ever brought to justice or charged with the crimes, there have, over the years, been more than a hundred named suspects who may or may not have been Jack the Ripper.

Some of those suspects are fascinating, whilst others are down right ridiculous.

It was this name - which was probably the invention of a journalist - that had the effect of turning five sordid East End murders into an international phenomenon and of catapulting the unknown miscreant responsible into the realm of legend.

It is generally believed that there were five victims of Jack the Ripper.

Given the passage of 125 years since the murders occurred it's amazing how much of the area has managed to survive since 1888.

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This is the street along which Martha Tabram walked with her killer in the early hours of the 8th August 1888 and the surroundings still have a sinister air about them.If, as is generally believed, Jack the ripper had only five victims then he wasn't a particularly prolific murderer compared to many who have come since, and the fact that his so-called reign of terror lasted a mere twelve or so weeks means that he wasn't at large for a particularly long period of time.Yet there is little doubt that he is the world's most famous serial killer. Several factors combined to help make this series of crimes famous all over the world.Not least amongst them was the fact that the newspapers of the day gave a huge amount of coverage to the crimes and provided their readers with daily updates on them with the result that Jack the Ripper effectively became a menacing media figure.Secondly, the area in which the killings occurred was perceived as being a hotbed of vice and villainy, and a breeding ground for social unrest, squalor and disease.

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