Shat dating

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Some of these can be as long as 75 miles, allowing a fishing vessel to gather 50 tons of fish in one haul. " "It means it would take someone quite a while to rescue us.

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"Morning." "Good night." Emerging into the strange night you venture to the deck's edge and grab hold of a mast stay, flexing cold-metal with every movement of the ship. Looking at the boat's wake, you realise dawn is approaching.When David de Rothschild sailed across the Pacific this year, the voyage became a model of the media-savvy eco-adventure.But what was life like aboard the 'Plastiki', a 20ft by 60ft press office strapped to 12,000 plastic bottles?Seems I got away with it on the first day but have started to feel sick again due to what seem to be massive swells surrounding the Plastiki, although the sun is out, which makes it really ' amazing to be out here.Spray seems to be hitting every part of the boat covering the decks, cabin and us with salt water.

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