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Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop also frequently performed at these Ida Noyes sessions.

BLOOMFIELD ARRANGES to perform with Big Joe Williams at Big John’s in the summer of 1963, accompanying him on piano while Charlie Musselwhite plays harmonica. Lenoir, g, hca; Michael Bloomfield, g; John Lee Granderson, v, g; others unknown.

Its issue on this folk compendium CD makes it the earliest available Bloomfield recording.

Don Wilson later formed a graphic arts company with photographer Peter Amft and did album cover illustrations for Bloomfield and many others.

Mike Michaels, a Chicago friend and occasional harpist for Bloomfield, recalled seeing Michael play electric guitar around this time at one of the University’s ad-hoc “twist” parties.

Mark Naftalin first met Michael at a similar gathering.

By that time Bloomfield had put together an ad-hoc band, “The Group,” and was working at Magoo’s and Big John’s.

Harlib made a cold-call on Hammond in New York, probably in June 1964, and was able to get the legendary producer to listen to Bloomfield’s material.AFTER PLAYING electric guitar for most of his teen years, in 1961 Bloomfield concentrates almost exclusively on acoustic technique, learning a variety of folk blues, bluegrass and country styles.He collects rare records by artists like Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Chet Atkins, and other country artists as well as sides by traditional blues players.On the night of the day President Kennedy was assassinated, Melford recalled they were on stage at the Fickle Pickle.They also had a booking agent who got them gigs around the Midwest.

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