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The special articles this year, in addition to the editor's wide ranging notes, are an account of the historic Oxford v Cambridge match of 1864 by Bob Phillips and track & field statistics then (1930s) and now by Roberto L Quercetani. This booklet contains top 30s for 2013 for athletes from Asian nations, with continuation lists for countries other than China and Japan, indicating new national records, and full lists of Asian records. Maintaining the sequence there are French top ten lists for 19. Published by ditions Polymdias with support from the IAAF, The 33rd edition in this splendid series has 100 deep men's and women's lists for Africa for 2013, with all-time lists, national championships and major meetings results. The Athletics NZ annual has been expanded by 30 pages this year.Euro 20/US in cash or by International Money Order from the author, Haydnstrasse 8, 48691 Vreden, Germany. Copies also available for 1998, 2007-09, 2011-12 at 15/US each. This third annual for the region by ATFS member Jad Adrian Washif is an attractive publication. Tribute is paid to their Champion of Champions Teddy Tamgho and also profiled is the retiring Romain Mesnil with all his 153 performances at 5.50 or higher in the pole vault from 1998 to 2013. 20 euro, 18 or US incuding postage from La Mmoire du Sport, 166 rue de Decize, 03000 Moulins, France. It includes national ranking lists for 2013 up to 50 deep for seniors plus lists for juniors and youths, all-time top 20s, records for the various age groups and results of champ-ionships and other major events. postage international, Australia & Pacific, New Zealand). The 56th NUTS Annual, edited by Rob Whittingham, Peter Matthews, and Tony Miller.12 chapters on star names plus 100 further profiles AND the story of the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.If you want to know about Scottish athletes past and present, then THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY will be the book for you.It contains results of major meetings, 2013 and all-time ranking lists, national records (outdoor & indoor) for all countries and statistical profiles of leading athletes. 28 euros from the FFA, 33 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 7540 Paris Cedex 13, France. (Also available: booklist with very extensive list of athletics books and magazines for sale). Deep UK ranking lists for all age groups in 2013, top 12 merit rankings, all-time lists, results etc.Also a survey of participation trends in British athletics.The second is the Statistics Yearbook 2013, A5 480pp with records, championship bests and 100-deep European lists with 50-deep lists for U23s and U20s, 30-deep indoor lists in 2013 and 50-deep all-time lists compiled as usual by Mirko Jalava. Statistics Yearbook (with free Athletics Review) 25 euro in Europe, 30 euro elsewhere see Records, championship results, 2013 top 20s and all-time lists, with profiles of leading Israeli athletes. enquiries to UK), 21.50 in Europe, and 27.55 to the USA.European-athletics.org240 x 170mm, 54pp, illustrated. 7 euro or US from David Eiger, 10 Ezra Hozsofer Str, Herzliya 46 371, Israel. Payment can be made online into the SATS bank account (please email [email protected] details) or by cheque to SATS - send to Arnold Black, 19 Millbrae Crescent, Glasgow G42 9UW.

It concentrates in the stories of top athletes, with twelve extensive studies of the super-stars, starting with Allan Wells, Eric Liddell and Wyndham Halswelle, with some of these chapters grouping athletes at the nations most successful events, and ending with shorter proflles of 100 more men and women.

For subscription details, contact Liz Sissons at: [email protected] soon is the new SATS publication by Colin Shields and Arnold Black on the history of Scottish athletics told through the stories of the athletes themselves.

284 pages of biographies of athletes from Liddell to Wells, Mc Colgan to Mc Connell.

18 plus postage (2 UK & Europe, 5 outside Europe); from Rob Whittingham, 7 Birch Green, Croft Manor, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 8PR, UK. The latest of the DGLD the German statistical group, Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Leichtathletik-Dokumentation booklet is No. Its 182 pages include articles on the Germany v Switzerland international of 1924 with profiles of all the German team (and results of the first match between the nations in 1921), the Olympic Marathon 1932 with details of races leading up to it and career details of all participants, German mens and womens indoor all-time lists at , German womens javelin top 40s for each age 13 to 19, and athletics and bobsleigh with detailed statistical profiles of 132 athletes to also have had bobsleigh credentials. Membership, with free Deutsche Bestenliste (deep year lists) euro 55 per year.

Contact Hans Waynberg, Liebigstrasse 9, 41464 Neuss, Germany; [email protected]

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