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It is a practical and exciting approach to studying the Bible.

She is unabashed at sharing her life experiences, including the life she led before she met Jesus as Savior.

The latter takes its rise in the Loch of Forfar, receiving in its course the waters of the Kerbet and falling into the Isla before its junction with the Tay at Kinclaven in Perthshire.

The Lily of the Vale Reminiscences of Kinnettles School Percy Guthrie " Rest, Love, Joy " Dark Clouds The Betrothal of the "Lily" Her "Farewell" Her Death at Sea, . Although the beautiful rivers, the North Esk and the South Esk (the Tina and Esica of the Romans) and the Isla, flow through the extreme east and western boundaries of the Strath, the Kerbet and the Dean are the only streams that diversify the landscape in Strathmore proper.

The Prince Consort, who was an ardent admirer of the beauties of Nature, was so captivated by the unexpected yet fully appreciated beauty of the scene, that he ordered the Royal cortege to pause on the top of the hill to afford sufficient time to the Royal visitants to master the details of such a superb and beautiful picture, chased in frame-work so lofty and sublime.

PAG8 St Fergus' Well Cemetries and Country Burying-grounds The Ancient Monastery Joe Wighton His Ambition His Vow His Voyage to London His successful career in the Metropolis Becomes Lord Mayor of London The Civic Banquet Early Memories "My Boy does not Return," .... The Warning Tribute to a Parent Sabbath Evening The Village Tailor The Unearthly Noise Predictions of the Tailor The Mysterious Procession The Lost Brother The Sailor's Return Predictions Falsified " Loud the Timbrel Sound ! The scenery, on approaching the Sidlaws from the south, gradually becomes comparatively bleak and uninteresting ; but, once through the " glack," the scene changes as if by enchantment, when the " Howe," in all its luxuriant loveliness, bursts in an instant on the enraptured view.

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Courtship is a relationship between a man and a woman in which they seek to determine if it is God’s will for them to marry each other.With few exceptions, I have preferred to weave the Legends and Traditions, together with the Supersti- tions of the district, naturally into my Tales and Sketches, rather than to give an isolated relation of them as distinct from any human interest with which they may have become associated. PAGE Strathmore Lochs of Feithie and Forfar Village of Glamis Castle of Glamis Reopening of the Chapel -Ancient Obelisks Original Castle of Glamis Macbeth The Raid of Ruthven The Lyons of Strathmore, ....... Kinnettles Traditions of Waterkelpy The Dominie of Kinnettles The Kerbet The "Ancient Mill," .... Brigton Legend of Sir David Guthrie and the Ladye of Brigton In Memoriam : Joannis Gvthrie ; Annae Dovglas, . After listening for some 4 STRATHMORE : ITS SCENES AND LEGENDS.In all the real or mythical scenes we may visit, I desire to take the reader with me as my confidant and friend, so that when our journey is ended, we may bid each other farewell, with the mutually cherished wish, that we may meet again. time to an animated and scientific debate on the best means of effectually draining the Loch, in order to make it fit for agri- cultural purposes, his Lordship abruptly wound up the dis- cussion by naively observing that in his opinion the only really practical mode left open to them was to empty a few hogsheads of whisky into the Loch, for in that case he wittily added, " The writers of Forfar would not be long in draining up the Loch ! TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE ottnt*08 of THIS WORK IS, BY PERMISSION, RESPECTFULLY INSCRIBED BY HER LADYSHIP'S OBLIGED AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, THE AUTHOR. THE vast valley of Strathmore proper, extends from the centre of Dumbartonshire to the sea-board of the German Ocean, from Redhead to Stonehaven. Legend of the Grove The Hunter Hill Edmund Graeme The False Lover Her Doom, ...... Legend of Ladye Glamis burned on the Castle Hill of Edinburgh The Trial The Sentence The Execution, .... The Forester's Daughter First Love Spring Illness of Eliza Summer Eliza's Dream Autumn Eliza's Death, . The Village Club, 1830 The Dominie The Laird The Student The Miller The Smith Celebration of Auld Yule " The Bonnie Howe o' Sweet Strathmore " " The Swift Flowing Kerbet" " Glamis' Bonnie Burnie " "My Ain Bonnie Dean " "The Days o' Langsyne " When will These Five Meet Again ? 3 politician and agriculturist George Dempster, who wrote an inscription on the grave of a favourite green-linnet, buried by the side of the loch.The Sidlaws are continuous of the Ochils, except for the intervention of the valley of the Tay, and form a long chain of heights rising in some parts to up- wards of 1500 feet above the level of the sea, and ex- tending from Kinnoul Hill, on the north bank of the Tay in Perthshire, to Redhead, a promontory on the east coast of Forfarsbire, and to Stonehaven in Kincar- dineshire. PAGE Legend of the Secret Chamber The Hunt The Revel Doom of Earl Beardie and his boon Companions till the Great Judgment Day Secret Room Undiscovered, . In remote times there seems to have been an island in the middle, or at the northern end of the Loch, for we find that Alexander II.

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