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Although within Hove parish the residents of these elegant houses studiously avoided the name of the impoverished village a mile to the west as an address.

Straggling development along the coast loosely connected the estate to fashionable Brighton, so that name was used instead.

In 2001, the new borough officially attained city status.Although production of coal gas was notorious for the smell it produced, the company acquired land in the fields between Hove Street and St.Andrew's Church, and in 1832 built a gasworks on a two-acre site.By 1831 the development of the eastern end of the parish had increased the population to 1,360 but this brought few economic benefits to Hove village itself, with the historian Thomas Horsfield describing it in 1835 as 'a mean and insignificant assemblage of huts'.St Andrew's Church was reconstructed and enlarged to its present form in 1836, to the design of the architect George Basevi (1794–1845), and features prominently in the background of paintings of the period.

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