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To estimate family were mapped onto chromosomes using Silk Map ( and the copy number of each family on each chromosome was counted.We divided each chromosome into 100 uniformly-sized segments and estimated each family's distribution in these fragments using a Perl script.

The families (Bm Hel-2, 3, and 5) were putatively autonomous (Fig. These candidate autonomous elements encoded complete open reading frames (ORFs), in addition to a Rep motif and helicase domain. DNA was extracted from individual pupae and moths using a standard phenol–chloroform protocol.(Bm Hel-8) was randomly selected for insertion validation, and primers (Bm Hel-8-S: 5′-ATTGTCAGTGGTATCGTTGCTCC-3′, Bm Hel-8-A: 5′-TAAGGGAATACAATAGAGCCGTG-3′) were designed based on the flanking insertion sites.We extracted no more than 20 most-similar sequences for each consensus sequence, aligned them, and manually defined the family as queries, we searched the Bm TEdb, ISfinder, Rep Base, and NCBI nr databases and found that eight families (Bm Hel-1, 2, 3 4, 5, 15, 20, and 21) had been previously identified. We thank Dr Fang-Yin Dai for help in collecting domesticated silkworm samples and the members of Z.The other 13 families had no matches to any known , with a TC dinucleotide at the 5′-end and a CTRR motif at the 3′-end; they made up 10.7 Mb (∼2.30%) of the silkworm genome. Z.'s laboratory group for their help with data analysis and helpful discussions.

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