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Some models they make here, some they contract out completly, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle.Well, I suppose I just took it for granted that the guns were made in America because each and every picture on their web site shows guns with no Brazil stamp.Springfield ARSONAL was a proud Americian gun maker operated by the US goverment.Springfield armory is a maker/importer of knock off "clone" firearms.I know this may seem lame to some, but bear with me as I am kind of new to pistols.First, I just bought a Springfield Armory 1911 "loaded" model pistol.The quality of the steel is very good and the price is right.I've got a loaded model as well with the same stamp-yet to have a problem (after break in of 300 rnds.) in over 2200 rnds. You could pay more for a 1911 with a cast or polymer frame instead you've got the strength of a forged frame I know what ya mean about being made in USA, looking close at various parts on my Mercury sable I see made in Mexico....

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sent Springfield a email and i'll see what they say.I'd suggest you take your 1911 to the range and try shooting it before getting too angry with the manufacturer.I bought a Springfield Mil-Spec .45 awhile ago and found it a good reliable sidearm, at least the equal of my Series 70 Colt Government Model.I was logging the serial number down in my log book as I do with all of my guns and there it was.In big huge letters it was stamped, "MADE IN BRAZIL". I thought Springfield Armory was a well respected American gun maker from Illinois, but here in my hand was something different.

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