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The panel didn't disappoint, but I was utterly appalled by the quality of the footage.

It was heavily pixilated and completely awkward to watch - I've seen home videos dating back to the 80's with better quality - so to be expected to pay 20$ for this and get such crap quality in return is utterly appalling to me.

Still, for my money, the best reveal is Fillion's smug confession: "Castle twitters -- and he follows ME!

"Having seen tidbits of this panel online I was intrigued and wanted to see the whole thing, upon finding it available for purchase I was beyond thrilled, even though I didn't particularly care for the price tag.

She was the recipient of the PRISM Award for Performance in a Drama Episode at the 16th Annual PRISM Awards for her portrayal of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the Castle season-four episode "Kill Shot".

Katic founded The Alternative Travel Project in 2010 which is an initiative to encourage people to Go Car Free for just one day and seek out alternative methods of public transportation to reduce the environmental impact of personal vehicles.

He engages the panel for the first 14 minutes of the DVD and then turns the Q & A over to the audience (not that he ever does stop engaging the cast, but, as mentioned, he does it in the flow).We have been great and loyal fans of "Castle" since its' inception, and this just solidifies our interest in the performing artists of the show. The Tom Bergeron hosts in his usual zaney, comedic fashion paying careful attention not only to the cast and procuders but the audience members who asked questions.Having seen other interviews, I was surprised and very pleased to see that Susan Sullivan was included here. It was better when they zoomed in for close-ups but otherwise, it is a truly terrible recording. Marlowe; executive producer Rob Bowman; and cast members Jon Huertas (Javier Esposito); Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish); Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Roy Montgomery); Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle); Susan Sullivan (Martha Rodgers); Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan); Stana Katic (Kate Beckett); and Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle).Panelists touch on such topics as: Bergeron playing a corpse in an upcoming episode; Marlowe's belief that memorable leads in police procedurals ended with Columbo; why Fillion was sought for the title role; and the importance of maintaining sexual tension between Castle and Beckett.

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