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Fifty scientists in 13 countries examined the frequency of cell phone use and the health conditions of 14,000 participants [source: The Economist].After six years, the results were about as fuzzy as old-school analog reception.The perks of dating older men are many; the first among them being that there is no fear that the guy will start viewing it as something serious.

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I’ll put it this way, as age catches up, the number of ‘probable partners’ reduces.

Not really, in fact, older men like free and independent women who can take their own decisions and are fiercely proud of their individuality.

It is a grotesque misconception that men prefer doll-like women who will be wooed by Victorian courtship rituals.

Everyone likes good dinner on a date, not cheap takeaway Chinese food.

Besides, science has proven that women mature faster mentally, which makes them automatically interested in men older than them; ‘the older the better’ is a motto we can expect to see soon in dating circles.

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