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Along the way, we solve many of Revelation’s other riddles.

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Treatment of themes such as constitutionalism, representation, participation, and leadership coupled with particular emphasis on the American case.

Program in Computing 10B: Intermediate Programming. Program in Computing 20B: Advanced Aspects of Java Language with Applications. Further aspects of use of classes, graphics components, exception handling, multithreading, and multimedia.

Additional topics may include networking, servlets, database connectivity, and Java Beans.

Following the defeat of his temporal enemies, Christ vanquishes the last enemy, Hadean death.

Read We learn from Luke that this was the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar (Lk. Roman emperors dated their reigns by calendar years, or from January 1 to December 31 following their accession (the “non-accession” method). Thus, the first regnal year of Tiberius would have been the calendar year A.

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