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My view would be to keep any public information, discussion and, mods etc to fixing the Australian Tivo's issues, even if you get help from overseas. Since seeing the email, I have wondered why Ti Vo has not made any effort to just re-direct the guide to the Free View service which Ti Vo is supposed to support.

Myself is not going to rush out & buy what they are offering.

I only mention this because there were rumours they were in talks with Ti Vo.

What could be done If Ti Vo USA doesn't come to the party that really leaves us with one solution to keeping the Ti Vo dream alive in Australia.

So I thought I would create this new thread to start a discussion on if we can get unofficial support for the Ti Vo units in Australia before the Oct 2017 deadline when our devices essentially turn into bricks.

What should be done If Ti Vo USA is reading this we don't want our devices to become bricks.

You've got no chance of getting their agreement here – I.Edit: plural as I am happy to give more than one but keep the figure to a single digit quantity I am not made of money!!!If both of that does not appeal I will happily mod your Ti Vo (or bare motherboard if suitably packed) and you pay return shipping cost. I do not believe it is reasonable to terminate the function of devices sold with lifetime support, when they are working perfectly well.Based on some of the reading I have been doing it seems that Ti Vo's biggest revenue stream is from licensing its huge catalogue of patents they licence to other companies.While they do have a revenue stream from subscription services it seems their patent portfolio licensing would be their biggest earner. Again we will never release anything we find publicly that will threaten their business model in any way.

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