Swings live on cam

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Please help and test on those systems if you have such possibility.

If you know Java or C you can help developing Webcam Capture by forking repository and sending pull requests.

Imagine situation when you depend on some framework, but suddenly have to drop it and use different one (e.g. By doing this one have to rewrite significant piece of code because new framework is completely incompatible with previous one. This library has been created to remove the burden of situation when you would like to write your application with intention to replace capturing framework somewhere in the future.

Webcam Capture API defined build on top of well-known frameworks used to work with multimedia and cameras. By default, Webcam Capture library uses default driver which consists of small, refined part of awesome Open IMAJ framework wrapped in thread-safe container which allows it to be used in multithreaded applications.

Once you choose specific API you cannot change it without modifying large parts of the code.

I decided to change this situation and write general purpose wrapper for various different APIs (like JMF, Open CV, Open IMAJ, LTI-CIVIL, VLC).

Our Latest acquisition: Our 4-channel Tricaster 455 HD switching system will accept four cameras in either1080i or 720p and records internally to any format.

It can also record up to 4 streams of video so you can record the program feed and three cameras for later editing.

People have expressed a wish to donate a little money.Code below will capture image from your default webcam and save it in Below are the very pretty basic examples demonstrating of how Webcam Capture API can be used in the Java code. Please note that some of those examples may use the newest API which has not yet been released to maven Central.In such a case please make sure you are using the newest Webcam Capture API SNAPSHOT.This system is effective and designed to go where trucks cannot. We also have the ability to live-stream with our smaller Tricaster system to any server.Equipment List and Rates: Tripods: 5- O’Connor 30’s, 2 babys, 1- Miller 80, one highhat Recorders: Ki Pro for digital files, Audio: Mackie 16X4 mixer, a variety of microphones, 4 Sampson and Sony UHF wireless mics, eq, limiters, amplifiers, JBL speakers, Crown and QSC amplifiers Communications: Clearcom 2 channel system, 10 drops with stage announce channel Cost w/o crew: 3 cam: 00, 4 cam: 00, 5 cam 00, 10 hr day (includes engineer/director) Cost with 3 cameras, 3 cameramen & director/engineer: 00/day, 10 hr day Camera Jib 0 w/ op.

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