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One of the most highly googled sex topics is anal sex.Up until the past decade, it was not only something that you didn’t talk about; it wasn’t even something more than a sexual fantasy.Only sluts and studs used to have one night stands.Casual sex is the new one night stand, and it involves not just a person lying to use another.There are certain sex topics that aren’t dinner conversation.Mostly whispered about at girls’ night table tops or in locker rooms.

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Remember the day when you went to rent a video, and there was a room that was blocked off—the “naughty” room.As people begin to experiment more with sex, and it becomes more acceptable to let freedom reign, the statistics will likely continue to grow. Fetishes are a sex topic we are often very curious about.Since they normally don’t fall into the category of things that turn us “all” on, they are perplexing to those who don’t have the same sensations.Sex toys, in general, are a sex topic many research.When you are with a person for a while, things start to get sort of “vanilla.” Sex toys such as vibrators are a way to take the naturally excellent feeling of sex and orbit it into the realm of amazing.

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