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April says she's just run out from traveling, but Bailey points out she can do that in the bubble. Bailey orders her to stay right there until the test results come back.

Arizona promises she'll visit and leaves with Bailey. Andrew and Isaac are arguing over whether or not to page neuro for their case.

Richard tells them Bailey is coming and they gather near the door. Bailey tells them that one of the many changes is no more weekly attendings meetings.

Richard wants to say something, but Bailey says less talking about saving lives and more saving of the lives. Arizona walks into an attendings lounge where April is getting ready for work.

It keeps everything running smoothly, in perfect order. Callie is happy to hear the place is run by ladies. Maggie says it's not, as it's what her grandmother calls her vagina.Finally Jackson appears and he informs her the labs have ruled out Middle East respiratory syndrome.They won't clear her to leave until they get more test results.Richard finds Bailey and says he just heard about the case. He asks if she needs a counsel or anything, but she's got it covered.April is extremely bored in her room and time appears to move slowly for her.

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