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Our special Parent & Child night was held on Tuesday June 23 at the Peckham Pelican to raise awareness and cash for The CATS Foundation, a charity funding research into the devastating genetic childhood diseases Tay-Sachs & Sandhoff. On your quest, you will encounter Welsh chimaeras, monster-haunted labyrinths, well-endowed Amazonian swordswomen, feisty princesses and probably the scariest literary dragon since Smaug.

DEADLINE: Sunday November 4th : When it's all going to crap, what do you do? Send us your most disastrous tales of failure, loss, catastrophe, tragedy, incompetence, idiocy, bankrupts, profligates, ruined castles, shipwrecks, dissipated fortunes and luckless inheritors. Frostbitten nannies, incompetent angels, little devils, pissed bankers and a brothel of death.All theme deadlines are on the first Sunday of the preceding month (e.g.the deadline for February's Kiss & Tell is Sunday 6 January).We're looking for spooky stories with a sweet or scary twist for our pre-Hallowe'en event this October.DEADLINE: Sunday September 2nd Tuesday December 11th - NAUGHTY & NICE: He's making a list, he's checking it twice ...

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