Taylor swift dating royalty

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The entertainer announced that the video will be released this coming Thursday. After a few lightening bolts are flashed, we see her walking at night in a black hooded jacket. Then viewers get a quick glimpse of Taylor laying on her side on the ground.She seems totally nude with lights that look like lightening bolts over her body.

Even though she's not at all obligated to reveal her political views, I would personally appreciate it if she denounced this nonsense.

Still, consider Taylor also now has her own 24/7 TV channel through Direc TV where she can broadcast .

Taylor did release “Look What You Made Me Do” and subsequent singles on all streaming services simultaneously, so it’s possible the album will be all-access. Few people have had a busier vacation than Taylor Swift these last few years, and if she’s mining her journal for songwriting subjects, we can think of a few: On top of the Kanye-Kim feud, she’s had to endure an entire album cycle of Katy Perry disses against her and subsequent peace offerings, plus insults from her ex Calvin Harris over a song she co-wrote for him originally under a pseudonym.

November 10 happens to also be the day of the 10th anniversary of Swift's rival, Kanye West's, mother Donda West's death.

The list of things we know for sure about Taylor Swift’s next album isn’t nearly as long as what we wish we knew. The dark pop song makes slight reference to her feuds with both Kanye West and Katy Perry, and, in a melodramatic skit, ultimately declares that the old Taylor can no longer be reached because she’s dead. Jack Antonoff, who worked on a fewsongs, produced her latest, which also gives writing co-credits to, of all people, Right Said Fred for interpolating “I’m Too Sexy” on the hook.

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