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His fellow cavaliers, Janne Angard and Nikolai Nikolanikov, approach him, telling him the news of their forces being wiped out and how the Glanz Empire, led by Kaiser Oblivion, is attack the Eternian Central Command.

Yew decides to head to the empire's fortress, the Skyhold, to rescue Agnès.

In Eternia, Yew meets an old astrologer- who foresaw Yew's arrival in Eternia.

The astrologer tells Yew and Edea to revive Tiz Arrior, another Warrior of Light, and sole survivor of the Great Chasm.

A young woman suddenly appears and dispatches of the guards, scientists, and doctors in the room, as well as using the Bravely Second technique to help take down a powerful monster.

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Brand new cities include Gathelatio, new headquarters of the Crystal Orthodoxy, the magical academy known as Al-Khampis, Sagitta Village a hidden village, and Yunohana, a town known for its hot springs.

It also retains the ability to send Friend Summons.

In place of Airy from the previous game is a new feature titled "Ask Agnès", which has Agnès assisting the party as their navigation guide on the touch screen of the menu.

It is set two and a half years after the events of Bravely Default and features two new protagonists alongside two returning on a journey in Luxendarc.

Bravely Second retains most of the gameplay systems of its predecessor, such as the Brave and Default battle system and acquiring Sleep Points for the time-stopping Bravely Second ability.

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