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Our philosophy is that we cannot do quality research without being worthy of your trust.

To that end, below are our more detailed privacy policies.

As mentioned, we typically do not collect such personally identifiable information.

In the rare instances in which clients ask us to ask you for personal contact information, we will only ask those questions immediately after specifically asking for your permission to do so with a full explanation of what information we are requesting and how it will be used.

Again, the purpose of this research is to help our clients provide children and teenagers with more appealing products, services, and programming — it is not to sell or directly market to them.

Due to safety concerns, Phi Power does not offer children or teens chat rooms or message boards or Instant Messaging, and due to privacy concerns, does not try to uncover their personal email addresses.

While Phi Power has a strict policy against collecting and storing the personal information of children and teens, parents and guardians who contact Phi Power and provide proper identification can contact us to confirm that we have not collected any personally identifiable information about their children or teenagers.

If so instructed by a parent or guardian, we will take reasonable steps to search for and delete any such information.

Your opinions are very important to us, and we appreciate you providing us with candid and honest answers.

Again, we rarely collect personal information, and we only collect it of adults.

All information is considered confidential; is guarded using rigorous security systems such as encryption, firewalls, and proprietary intrusion-detection software; and will only be used for legitimate research purposes.

Children, teenagers, and fair and honest practices Most of us at Phi Power are parents, we care about kids and teens, and we strive to keep our surveys age-appropriate.

All survey items are carefully tailored by Phi Power staff, or reviewed and approved by Phi Power management.

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