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I try to be healthy, love walking; always with headphones.I've recently found out I have borderline personality disorder which isn't as bad as it sounds, I don't have more than one personality, I just experience emotions deeper and longer than others and find it harder than others to concentrate ..


I used to work at Mc Donalds for almost two years but now I'm studying my dual diploma in Management/Business..#Dr Klem Chat #Health Beat Did you know daily routines can reduce the risk of childhood obesity?Dr Elizabeth Meade, chief of Pediatrics at Swedish, explains how setting and sticking to a routine can reduce your child's risk of childhood obesity. Nirav Shah, director of the stroke program at Swedish, was recently at Q13 Fox to explain what a stroke is, who it affects and why, symptoms, and preventive measures.The rookies were just as good as the pros after practice. Elizabeth Meade as she gives some advice on training our brains and helping our memory.For many women, having a glass a wine with friends after a long week is totally normal.

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