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Getting taken on dates may give a girl the wrong impression, when in reality, the guy was just afraid that if he said, "Uh, hey, can I just get a blowie and play with your breasts and not call again?

" he'd be greeted with a resounding “no.”Fear of rejection is natural. But the reality is, there are going to be people who aren't going to be down for what you're offering.

With the right wording, the right tone and the right mental state, you can get what you want without giving the wrong impression.

The pretty girl, seeing that the guy is shy, takes initiative and asks him to dinner. They basically said, "I'm still hurting over my ex, but you're hot, so I'll totally do you, as my physical needs aren't being met on the regular anymore."So what’s the easiest way to avoid being seen as a pig? Throwing in something like, "But I'll hook up with you," makes it seem like you're doing her a favor.So what's a good way of telling someone, "I'm not looking for anything serious, just a sexual relationship," without being offensive?The answer is simple: It's all in the presentation.It sucks, but eventually there be someone out there who would love to just cut the bullsh*t and get to the fun -- if you just phrase it correctly.Honesty is indeed the best policy, but there is such a thing as being too honest.

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