The candidating process for a pastor

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This sermon will address questions such as: compassion is first of all a state of mind, according to Buddhist teachings, but how much of a difference does simply having that state of mind actually make?

When and how does compassion call us to act in the world?

I would argue, more simply, ours isn’t a Christian nation because we don’t follow Jesus.

When I tell people I’m minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, they often ask, “Where’s that?

Sister will include some ideas and communitarian tools from Josiah Royce, founder of "The Beloved Community" and philosopher in the classical American pragmatist era in the early twentieth century, to explain the role of one who cares about community.

She is a member of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church.

In the midst of all these pulls on our time and resources, what about compassion for ourselves?I often say religion is at its best when it helps us cope with reality on its own terms, and at its worst when it drives us deeper into our delusions and defense mechanisms. But what is the nature of reality itself, and how do we know the difference between reality and delusion?I’m not sure, but this sermon will, at least, entertain the question.He’s also one of the coordinators of our Monday night meditation classes.Religion and spirituality are often viewed as mechanisms for transcending our earthly existence.

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