The difference between dating and being in a relationship

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Humor and spontaneity are always helpful in a relationship, but you are now more likely to want to someone you can have a future with.

So if we're being honest, each side of the coin has its pros and its cons... At the single stage, stalking revolves around two groups of people:1. They learned the need-to-know facts over WKD's outside the local Spar on Friday nights. That being said, I've learned some crucial things through a good old Facebook stalk, the results of which have been varied.Where younger love interests paid little attention to your work or habits, more mature love interests know to send you a message or gift for no reason.By consistently showing that they don’t take you for granted, someone you fall for in your 30s is more likely to keep you. You can, however, maximize each and every second you spend.It’s natural to want someone who could be more of a long-term investment when dating in your 30s.Similarly, when dating in your 20s you are more likely to look for a prospective partner you find exciting and engaging.

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