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Our friends at Manlius Historical Society, Museum, and The Manlius Town Shop will have local blacksmith, Nick Stoddard, giving demonstrations both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

And only a few blocks away from our museum is the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center. For additional information about events throughout the state please visit: The Stickley Museum will be closed on Saturday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day.

Shown is a Three Legged Chalet Table from The Stickley Museum collection made by Gustav Stickley under the United Crafts label.

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For more information see call 315-482-4586 Beginning June 25th, the museum's Saturday open hours will be am- pm through August 27th.Mike’s career opens a door for the listener to experience a unique story in the revival of American Arts & Crafts. Three Stickley colleagues whose works were chosen from the exhibition, On My Own Time, held at The Stickley Museum this past May will now be featured at the Everson Museum of Art. In that issue Gutsav touts the growth of the Craftsman Movement.The On My Own Time exhibition features the work of many talented artists throughout our area. He sends out a general invitation to visit the new Craftsman Building in New York City, and there is even a feature article on his home-Craftsman Farms.On Tuesday, December 26th we will be hosting a special tour of the museum at am. The Stickley Museum would like to share a sentiment first written by Gustav Stickley in the January 1910 isssue of The Craftsman. In October 1901, Gustav Stickley presented the first issue of The Craftsman magazine, which continued to be published for fifteen years.In his monthly column, Als Ik Kan, Stickley began his New Year's greeting: "It is a good old custom, that of beginning the new year with friendly greeting and good wishes to all with whom we have a sense of fellowship, and when this fellowship extends to thousands of people whom we have never seen, but whose sympathy and appreciation help to furnish the inspiration for each day's work, the custom grows to have a meaning even deeper than when it is limited to one's circle of personal friends, because the sum total of good will that we receive and give is so much greater." Thank you to all our friends and followers who enjoy and encourage the work that we do. In 1974 when Mike Danial punched the time-clock for his first day at the L & J G Stickley furniture factory he was not hired to be the Stickley Corporate Historian. Listen to Corporate Historian, Mike Danial, share his experiences at the Roycroft Power House in East Aurora, NY this Thursday, October 27th at pm. The October 1913 issue, the cover seen above, was full of optimism and promise.

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