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If he wavers in his commitment to you and doesn't seem undyingly loyal, it's so long Charlie.

If the first date is a He-Date (loosely defined as all-about-him), give him the boot.

(Not if you're the one enforcing the rules.)* Doesn't it strengthen the societal pressure to marry? If I'm an online dater, I have to wait for him to make the first move (how retro! The authors seem to imply that by simply reassessing my goals and figuring out what it is I must have in a man, I'll unleash a torrent of List-worthy prospects. I can see their point: he may not look or act the way I expect Prince Charming to look or act, so I need to keep my eyes and ears open, but still, it seems like quite a leap of faith.

(My advice: don't read it if you're not interested in finding a husband; the pressure's been there and it's not going anywhere. Let's just say for the sake of argument that I've signed on to the List philosophy. That said, since having read the book, I find myself much less tolerant of sluggish dating behavior.

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New titles published in fall 1942 have correct lists at the end of the volumes (if they have lists at all) but spring 1942 lists on the jackets.Clearing the decks, so to speak, inspires confidence.And, in my experience, confident women rarely have trouble finding men.Collectors and booksellers occasionally “marry” books and jackets that didn’t start out together.If the lists in the book and the jacket are the same, the jacket is probably original to the book.

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