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Everyone, it seems, who is looking for love is looking online.But it’s taking longer and longer to find the right person —the median age for a first marriage is now 29 for men (it was 23 in 1960).Now, we're just waiting for Joe to give his bae a shout out, but he's understandably busy with his band.Most of his feed is filled with photos of his fellow group members getting into shenanigans abroad, but we're sure he'll be more open about Sophie when the time is right.Most of the problems in relationships are caused by lack of trust and poor communication.Get those problems solved ahead of time with your next Jury Date!Then the lawyers would ask the juror that question to be answered under oath?

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Washing instructions: Cold Water, NO Bleach, Low tumble Dry.Now Mitch must compete to not become the third wheel on his own date. The couple, who confirmed their relationship back in December, have been appearing back and forth on each other's social media for a few months now.Once you turn it on, it runs in the background and records all your conversations with your significant other.It records every interaction, uses natural language processing to understand it, and analyzes the tone of voice, speed and volume of speech, intervals between laughter and other measures to assess your relationship.

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