Tops for dating vintage shoes

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Try all costume you have and pick up the most beautiful one. Pick out your favourite pair, decorate them with... Help her clean up her new Hello Kitty gadget first washing it with lots of soap bubbles and water.You can select a different color and body design, turning...This cute fashionista just got her first pair of Uggs boots, and she couldn't be more excited to strut her stuff wearing her new favorite shoes at school tomorrow. It's hard to choose your favorite pair of shoes when you have such a big collection to choose from.Keeping your collection organized is important, but, it seems that this shoe closet has gotten a...

Galaxy shoes are probably the coolest must have items of this sunny season, but what if the ones you use on a daily basis are just a trivial pair of black snickers? She needs a whole new wardrobe so collect as many bills as you can and call the cab. There is a special runway show featuring two of your favorite dolls, Tris and Dove!The most beautiful princess Cinderella, is getting ready for an awesome new ball, to which she was invited and she is very excited about it.She wants to look gorgeous and she has a new do it yours... After the facial treatment you must help her choose a nice halloween costume. Of course buying them would be much easier, but making them yourself is so much cooler and creative!They are looking for the most glamorous wedding outfits and they are counting on you for a little help. Join Jasmine, Belle, and Rapunzel in the new fashion challenge!Princess College starts a new Beauty Contest, and three BFFs are rivals now.

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