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Thing is, when I bought the place in 2013 I went overboard with starting renovation projects and not really finishing them.

They’d been hanging over my head like a low, exposed beam with nails sticking out and electrical lines showing.

Plus, maybe this look with the pink wig and all the puffs is a look that I’m going to phase out anyway sometime next year.

Also, I could get a much much better idea when next February rolls around so might as well release it now.

I mean, “fuck you” is not strong enough words to say to this person.

So I’m afraid I didn’t promote the night very much.

So I worked on my house for 3 weeks straight, which needed to be done.

My evaluation went along just fine, as it turns out, they just needed to count the amount of bathrooms and bedrooms and stuff like that, but still, it’s always prudent to put your best foot forward, and if that means it all lit a fire under my ass to finish things, so be it.

It’s like all these people who think I’m rich becuase my pictures look nice, and then somehow make me a target when they’re just bullying a struggling artist.But mostly its because I need something up there, as the sets/outfit situation is in a bit of a tizzy anyway.I started on this set which had an old motorcycle, some steampunk gears and some oil barrels that I painted “Toxic waste”..On the same day that I shot half of the Caravan Girl shoot I did this indoor shoot, in the “Confection” outfit.I did this shoot in October because I planned to paint over the pink and white striped wall, and figured let’s get one more shoot in while it’s still there.

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