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Do you see now how laughable your idea is next to a worldwide revolution and/or a total annihilation of the universe?So if you are a disabled transgendered AIDS sufferer of black/native American/Asian ancestry who is also a convert to Islam and owe a huge college loan for your major in feminist whale-watching, which is hard to repay because you are an unemployed homeless drug addict with anger management issues, you are at the very center of the intersectionality diagram, which entitles you to blow up the entire universe without anyone having the nerve to tell you that you may be doing it wrong. And we poor nonhuman species are the most oppressed of all. It occurs to me, however, that with all these beings clamoring to be considered most oppressed, the non-oppressed, being left out of the oppression stakes, have become a new oppressed class in themselves. (Does being confused count on the intersectionality grid?

The Irish believed they suffered the most and they got the IRA.Kyle finds it difficult to fit in with the other kids, who spend their time taking drugs to deal with their parents' "smugginess".Kyle refuses the offer of acid, but after seeing that his dad is even more arrogant than before (sniffing his own fart), Kyle asks for "maybe just half a hit," while Ike asks for three.) If you didn't catch it, this South Park episode is about how smug Prius owners, and progs in general, are.In San Francisco, Kyle's father is glad to meet like-minded "progressive" people, who, mid-conversation, loudly fart, bend over and sniff with pleasure, then resume discussing their philosophies.

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