Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions

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Hi Phil, Transaction replication with updatable subscriptions allows subscribers to make local changes, which is then propagated back to publisher using two-phase commit via MSDTC.Merge replication on the other-hand is designed for solutions where the subscriber may not always be "connected" and any local changes are stored locally until they connect and changes can be propagated to publisher.I'm using also the inmediate updating subscriptions. Sebastian.- PS: Sorry about my english, it's been a long time without using it.

Due to business requirements change, we need to update data at subscriber occasionally.

Most of the major load happens on North America sever 2012. For my Publication conflict tables are on publication is it the right way? We need to use the MERGE because, it save lots of data and would save time for better performance. The MERGE and queued updating trigger are not compatible.

I was able to do it good, it was working has I was thinking. Replace the MERGE statement with an insert or an update statement. when we run the MERGE on SQL server 2012 it runs fine.

With updateable subscribers the majority of the DML should occur on the publisher - its not really scalable beyond 10 or so subscribers.

Merge is tuned for large numbers of subscribers and has rich conflict resolution and detection components which allow you to roll back conflicts.

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