Transsexual dating orlando

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A touching story about a feminine boy who resists societal conditioning to be masculine. Penetrating documentary into the lives of drag queens. A rather boring movie IMHO, but main character experiences life from both sides and is therefore notable. The main character changes her sex to exact revenge.

Documentary of the FTM transition of the child of Sunny and Cher, Chastity, becoming Chaz. It is also nice to see more TG movies showing that end of the spectrum.

Another nice little story with a transgender character who's just another character.

Very big and excellent biography of FTM transgender Brandon Teena.

It began at age 5 with a Barbie doll, a secret gift from a beloved grandfather.

The boy named the doll Nicole, and wherever he went, Nicole, though hidden, was never far away. And left alone, he would sneak into his mother's closet and walk around in her fanciest high heels. Today, at 22, that boy is a woman who invariably turns admiring heads on the streets.

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