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These need to represent who you are or what you’re all about, maybe at a given time or in general.

Not everyone is a designer though, so how do regular folks like you and me make a great impression? When we showed you how to make a great profile picture, one of our tips was to survey people’s opinions with Photo Feeler.

Choose from one of the four styles above, upload your photo, and get ready to create your picture.

Rainbow Filter has its own collection of overlays, and also supports Twitter.

The catalog is much smaller, but it has topics that Profile Overlays doesn’t support.

The “missing” jigsaw piece then shows up as your profile pic. Facebook now also lets you add videos as profile photos Google and Microsoft end their patent wars, Facebook adds videos, Google Maps comes to Apple Watch, Netflix streams in the air, Back to the Future on Amazon Prime, and Grand Theft Auto inspires clones.

Twitter for the first time is expanding beyond its 140-character limit, the company announced today.

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